About Us

Good Grief of Kansas is a tax-exempt nonprofit organization funded by:

  • Memorials, gifts and donations



Good Grief of Kansas, Inc.
2622 W Central
Wichita, KS 67203
Phone: 316-612-0700
E-mail: info@goodgriefofkansas.org
 Good Grief Board of Directors and members

  • Rick Cline, President
  • Kelly Blades, Secretary
  • Mary Evans, Treasurer
  • Janet Cook, Program Director
  • Marilyn Nichols
  • Merri Reed
  • Ted Swan
  • Jim Yoder


If you have ever driven through the state of Kansas at the height of sunflower season, you know what a sight it is to behold acres and acres of beautiful sunflower “faces”, following the sun from sunrise to sunset. If not, enjoy the sight as Susan Williams saw them late this summer. Susan lives close to Wichita and shared these pictures with us when we were redesigning our website. We think that they exhibit the spirit of renewal that represents Good Grief of Kansas. Susan’s mother-in-law, Janet, is an active part of Good Grief of Kansas.
Sunflower Fields